CrossFit Group Class

Join our community and workout with the gym Family!

Class Options

  • 1 Crossfit Class: $20 Per Session
  • 3 CrossFit Classes a Week: $170 Per Month
  • Unlimited CrossFit Classes:  $196 Per Month


One on One Personal Training.

Learn the fundamentals of movement with the help from one of our well qualified coaches. Private Coaching is how we help YOU be prepared for the group Class.

Outside of the camaraderie that group sessions bring about, private and even semi-private coaching is far superior to everything else we offer. It’s also a great way to supplement what’s going on in your group classes.

  • Are you having trouble with a certain lift or movement in class?
  • Could you use some specific mobility work?
  • Maybe you want to learn a skill (handstand, power clean, strict muscle up, etc).

$65 Per Session

$35 Per Session


Build a foundation of core strength and aerobic capacity!

Class Options:

  • 1 evoFIT Class: $15 Per Session
  • 3 Classes a Week: $150 Per Month
  • Unlimited: $170 Per Month

CrossFit Group Classes

60 Minutes

$20 1 drop in session

$170 3 classes per week

$196 unlimited classes per month
  • Certified Trainer with every class
  • Supportive community
  • Ability to log all of your workouts in our database to track performance
  • Heart Rate Monitoring technology
  • Top of the Line Facilities



A great option for anyone wanting the best of both worlds!

Join our Hybrid membership option and participate in unlimited Crossfit AND evoFIT classes!



How to feel and look better through DIET

Want to look better and feel better? Look no further as we are here to offer you 42 days of Nutritional counseling! Let us help YOU learn how to eat properly for optimal results. Eating right does not always have to be horrible. There is no Wrong diet but we do have to find what works for YOU! If you do not meet our agreed upon weight loss goal, we will work with you for no extra charge until you meet your goal! Schedule your appointment today to be one step closer to looking and feeling the way you want!

  • 2 Body Scans with our awesome Fit 3D Body Scanner
  • Nutrition counseling (i.e. Macros/Meal Templates/Food Logging)
  • Accountability with a Coach
  • Weekly weigh-ins
  • Accountability through food logs

This Program would be a 6 week or 42 day Nutrition counseling with a certified coach. We GUARANTEE RESULTS and if we don't see the results we agree on? We will continue to work with you for no extra charge until we meet that goal!


We know walking through the door is the hardest part. You take the first step and we’ll meet you where you are.