Whether You want to Drop Fat or Add Lean Muscle Mass, this 45-Minute Action Packed Group Class is Sure to be the Answer to Your Fitness Goals.

ēvoFIT is unique because it caters towards an extremely diverse set of clients.

For those that are coming from a previous training program, these classes will be extremely beneficial in developing proper movement patterns that may have been previously overlooked. We strongly believe that without proper mechanics, an individual’s ability to avoid injury within any program is greatly reduced. Our focus is technique first, then, and only then, will we increase intensity. Once we can establish proper technique, the intensity piece is where the results will come from. The individual determines this intensity based on the results that he/she is seeking. The bigger desired result will require more intensity which also comes with, more discomfort.

Managing expectations is a big part of our program and our Coaches do an incredible job at explaining the byproduct of some of the results that our clients desire. The psychology associated with training is an often overlooked, but highly important piece of any fitness program and that is one of our cornerstones with evoFIT. Our Coaches will ensure that the intensity matches the results that you are seeking. We provide the accountability, atmosphere, and community needed in order to attain whatever goals that you walked thru our doors to achieve.


We know walking through the door is the hardest part. You take the first step and we’ll meet you where you are.