Lindsey Gallant

Coach / General Manager
Lindsey Gallant


I have been interested in fitness since I was fourteen years old. My older sisters were into running and bodyweight workouts, and I decided to join them. I quickly discovered I had a passion for fitness and involving others around me in fitness. The summer before my freshman year of college, I spent time with several couples who had multiple health issues caused by obesity, and I knew I wanted a career helping people get healthy and stay healthy. That fall, I went to school for exercise science with a focus in personal training.  During my second year of college, I was introduced to CrossFit and loved how different and fun it was from all of the workouts I had ever done before.

I worked at a CrossFit gym for a year and a half as part of the front desk staff and was interested in trying coaching. I did a four month coaching internship and was convinced that I wanted to coach full time. In March of 2019 I got my L1 certificate, graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science in May 2019, and began coaching at Five Forks Athletics in June 2019!

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