James Grady

James Grady


Fitness, competing, and sports have always been a part of my DNA since I was a kid. I am the older brother who was always up for trying new things and playing different sports often catching on fairly quickly UNTIL I found Crossfit. On the other hand my sister unfortunately wasn’t that great at sports UNTIL she found Crossfit due to her competitive drive. We grew up plagued by generational unhealthy patterns and made a promise to change that so that we could live a long life full of health for our future families. For years I focused on your typical “Bro” workouts until my “un-athletic” sister invited me to Crossfit. We adamantly discussed how there was no way she could beat me at that and I was utterly embarrassed in front of her and my gym family after my little sister smoked me in the famous “fight gone bad” Crossfit workout at her local box. From that day forward I was sold and determined.

CrossFit has been such a saving grace over the past four years where I found community, a daily challenge, results, and an opportunity to push myself to become the best version of me while also helping others achieve the same. Eagerly to learn as much as possible I recently obtained my Level 1 Certificate last summer and honestly find my self saying,”I cant believe that I get to do this.” Im honored to be a part of a community like Five Forks Athletics and the community that the Gunthers have built. Its home.

Outside of the gym, my time is spent with my beautiful wife Lauren and our incredible son, Mait! They are my why. They are the reason that I choose to challenge myself daily, and step into all that God has for me believing that when I’m healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally, so are they!

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