Athlete of the MonthDecember

Chris Simpson

Years at Five Forks Athletics: 4

"The term 'FFA Family' comes up a lot in the gym, and I truly feel it is a family that supports and is there for me inside and outside of the gym."

-Chris Simpson-
“I started with FFA in October 2018 after being convinced by my then co-worker Jake “The Snake” Maxwell about how awesome Crossfit and the FFA family is, and he was 100% right! After 4 years, I am still very thankful for the coaches and people at FFA who inspire, push, and encourage me daily!”
“I really enjoy the longer cardio heavy workouts, since that is what I am actually good at.  I have also come to love olympic lifting, so any workout with Cleans, Snatches, Overhead squats, etc. have become super fun for me! My favorite Crossfit Classic “girl” WOD is Nancy, as it combines OVHS and running which is my wheelhouse!”
“Prior to FFA, I was a member at CKO Kickboxing for about 2-3 years as well as Orange Theory. Both were very cardio heavy, which I loved, but what drove me to FFA was the idea of more functional fitness and weightlifting which CrossFit has to offer to make me a more well rounded athlete.”WHAT ARE YOUR HEALTH AND FITNESS GOALS AND HAVE YOU ACHIEVED ANY OF THOSE GOALS?
“One of my goals, which I joke about with my wife, is to make the CF Games as a Masters athlete at age 45, so I got that on the table still! But what I love about FFA is that it pushes you to set goals and the coaches are great about helping you reach them! One of my goals for this year was to Clean 215# and I hit that this year! I also would love to learn how to do strict Handstand Push ups, and the dreaded Bar Muscle Ups. These two goals are still on my list, and I am hoping to get them by Jan 1!  As far as my overall health and fitness goals, I just want to be strong, in shape, and most of all healthy so that I can continue to hit those PR’s but also enjoy a healthy lifestyle with my family and keep up with my 2 year old daughter!”HAS FIVE FORKS ATHLETICS AFFECTED YOUR LIFE OUTSIDE THE GYM?
“Absolutely! The term FFA Family comes up alot in the gym, and I truly feel it is a family that supports and is there for me inside and outside of the gym. Since joining FFA I have made so many new connections and friends that I can interact with outside of the gym walls personally and professionally. The FFA family has also led me to a men’s bible study group which meet’s weekly, and it has truly enriched my knowledge of and relationship with the Lord, so not only is my body stronger but so is my Christian life! Had it not been for the awesome dudes who are leading and encouraging me in this group, I wouldn’t be experiencing such joy and love in my life and walk with Christ. I am so blessed by the impact FFA has had on me since joining!”

DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER SPECIAL MEMORIES OR ACHIEVEMENTS DURING YOUR TIME HERE?“Apart from the many awesome PRs I’ve hit and new movements I have learned, I have really enjoyed competing with members of the FFA Family both in house and within the local Crossfit community. I have really enjoyed being a part of multiple competition teams, with at least 3 of them making it to the podium! I am not a very competitive person at heart, but it has been a joy competing with and encouraging my FFA bros in the local competitions! I also have hit competition achievements by finally moving up from Scaled to Intermediate status in most of the Competitions I have participated in this year, which was a goal for me to push and challenge myself! I could not have done that without the excellent coaching and mentorship of the FFA Coaches and fam!”

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