Athlete of the MonthOctober

Juan & Graziella

When did you start at Five Forks Athletics?
Juan: “September 2020.”
Graziella: “April 2021”

What is your favorite workout?
Juan: “I enjoy all kinds of weightlifting. Back squats are┬ámy favorite.”
Graziella: “I enjoy any intense workouts. I have a few favorite movements, like rowing and wall balls.”

What type of exercise were you doing before Five Forks Athletics?
Juan: “Nothing.”
Graziella: “I have never worked out┬ábefore joining Five Forks Athletics.”

What are your health and fitness goals, and have you achieved any of those goals? How’s it going so far?
Juan: “My goal is to lose some weight and become stronger. I have already lost weight and see improvements in my health every day.”
Graziella: “I would like to get stronger and gain muscle. Starting Crossfit helped me to have energy for my daily activities and keep a healthy weight. I hope to keep improving the form of some movements that are still challenging to me.”

Has Five Forks Athletics affected your life outside of the gym?
Juan and Graziella: “We’ve met many great people during the classes. It is always nice to see some of them outside of the gym.”

Do you have any other special memories or achievements during your time here?
Juan: “I have good memories of days when I thought I couldn’t finish my workout, and everybody around me started to motivate me until I finished. That was a great feeling!”

Graziella: “I always have an excellent time at the gym. There were many great laughs over this first year. I still have a ways to go, but I am thankful for all I have achieved.”

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