Athlete of the MonthMay

Rebecca Foss

Years at Five Forks Athletics: 5

"After we moved here, the members here became one of my first social circles."

When did you start at FFA?
I started at Five Forks Athletics when I moved to Simpsonville from Connecticut in August of 2017, but I’d been dropping in since early 2014.
What is your favorite workout?
In general, I prefer some of the longer workouts with lots of body weight movements or with kettle bells and double under’s.
What type of exercise were you doing before FFA?

Although I didn’t join FFA until 2017, I’ve been doing CrossFit for over 10 years, since March of 2012. I’ve been sore every day since. To be clear, if you saw me perform clean and jerks or snatches, you’d have no idea I’ve been doing CrossFit for that long. One of the things I quickly came to realize after starting CrossFit is how spectacularly uncoordinated I am. Prior to starting CrossFit, I was a runner.

What are your health and fitness goals and have you achieved any of those goals?  How is it going so far?
My primary fitness goals are to keep trying to improve and to keep showing up. That is probably the thing I do best at FFA; I just keep showing up. Beyond that, I hope to get my first muscle up before I’m eligible to collect Social Security, so it’s good that I’m tenacious. I also desperately want to be able to kip my toes-to-bar. I currently have to do those singly – there’s that aforementioned lack of coordination. I have learned to kip knees-to-elbow, so there’s hope!

Has Five Forks Athletics affected your life outside the gym?
FFA was changing my life outside the gym before I moved to Simpsonville. When we were looking for our new home here, I mapped potential addresses using our former FFA building as a landmark. After we moved here, the members here became one of my first social circles. Additionally, doing these workouts has given me more stamina to maintain marathon yard work sessions on our property. Another plus since joining is that my husband has given me the nickname “Man Hands” because of my callouses.

Do you have any other special memories/achievements during your time here?One of my favorite achievements occurred at the same time I moved here and started at FFA: I finally learned to kip my pull-ups! Prior to that when I was doing pull-ups I looked like a frog having a seizure. I love setting new long- and short-term goals in the gym. Really, every day I attend I make new memories and have a few laughs. I’ll be back tomorrow for more.

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