Athlete of the MonthAugust

Steve and Megan Mussman

Years at Five Forks Athletics: 1

"FFA is continuously helping me achieve the best version of myself not only inside the gym, but outside the gym as well."

When did you start at FFA?

Steve – “I started FFA a couple weeks after Megan joined about 10 months ago.  I saw how much she enjoyed it and thought I would give it a try as well.”

Megan – “I started at FFA September of 2021 right before my birthday. It was a Happy B-day to me type of gift!”

What is your favorite workout?

Steve – “I do the evoFit classes and really enjoy rowing but look forward to giving CrossFit a go from time to time soon.

“Megan – “My favorite type of workouts usually don’t involve the bike…JK haha!  I love EMOM’s. I tend to enjoy how fast paced these workouts are, but also no matter how challenging or painful the movement may be, I can mentally get through it knowing it’s just a minute in my life and I can power through it!”

What type of exercise were you doing before FFA?

Steve – “Prior to joining FFA, I rarely worked out and never stuck with anything long term, so having consistently been coming for this period of time has been great for me.”

Megan – “Sadly, I was doing pretty much zero exercise prior to FFA.  I did try out several different gyms over the years, but nothing really stuck and I certainly was not consistent.”

What are your health and fitness goals and have you achieved any of those goals?  How is it going so far?

Steve – “I’m not sure I have any set goal but it has been rewarding to see the progress and results of consistent work.  I definitely feel more healthy and fit and have come a long way since day one.”

Megan – “My number one health and fitness goal is just showing up everyday! No matter what my work schedule is looking like, no matter how tired I am or no matter what type of after school activities my son has going on….I just want to show up for myself.  When I first joined FFA, I remember struggling to get my 3 days in. But, the workouts certainly become addicting and it feels so good to see your own progress.  It may be a small achievement, but I’m just proud of myself for working out 3 days a week to now 5 or 6 days a week.”
Has Five Forks Athletics affected your life outside the gym?

Steve – “Both Megan and I are competitive people so when we work out together and with others it is fun to compete and it pushes me to work harder.  I certainly feel healthier and more energetic every day.  We are cooking more and eating better which is great for our whole family.”

Megan – “FFA is continuously helping me achieve the best version of myself not only inside the gym, but outside the gym as well.  I feel like I’m much more present as a mom, far more productive at work and 100% more happy and less stressed.”

Do you have any other special memories/achievements during your time here?

Steve – “It has been amazing getting to meet new people and seeing old friends that also work out at FFA.  Looking forward to getting together with everyone outside of the gym later this month!”

Megan – “I’m not sure if I have a specific memory that sticks out from FFA, but I absolutely cherish all of the friendships I have made during the last 11 months here. This gym has such a great community of coaches and members, that I feel very blessed to be a part of it now.”

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